Round and Around We Go… [ IMAGE ]

I just don’t understand the appeal of NASCAR.


  • bidoopoo

    “I just don’t understand the appeal of NASCAR.”

    Watching it? Yeah I don’t get that either, but I’d imagine actually racing around at 200 MPH would be so much fun I’d jizz in my pants.

    • Callback

      I imagine it’s the same appeal as watching any of those daredevil stunts off the top of a skyscraper or the grand canyon, there’s a lot of danger racing at those speeds and everyone in the audience is secretly hoping that they get to watch a crash, or at least getting that tense rush every time the drivers come really close to one.

  • Xuncu


  • porkroll

    How I feel about watching sports, in general.

  • marvin

    I don’t get the appeal of sports in general either, but at least most of them are more fun with the Mario crew.