Puppet Pal Fortress 2 [ IMAGE ]

“Hey, Puppet Pal Soldier.”
“Yeah, Puppet Pal Scout?”
“Do you know what my favorite game for the Xbox 360 is?
“No, what is your favorite game for the Xbox 360?
“The Orange BONK!”

source: deviantART


  • Drakon

    “TV Puppet Pals! TV Puppet Pals! Lots of fun for guys and gals!” — The Infraggable Krunk

  • Newbonzy

    AW DANG this was back from dexter’s lab and PPG! didn’t know they had that much online publicity.

  • CSX

    I’m just glad someone remembered this! I wonder how much of the audience was lost on the reference tho.

  • Cathulhu

    Dang, i loved these puppets.

  • Kat

    How awesome is that! You totally made my day, Steve.
    I thought TV Puppet Pals would be lost to the annals of cartoon history.

  • Marvin

    YES!! It makes me sad to think people wouldn’t understand this one.