Problem with RPGs [ IMAGE ]

So true, so true…



  • Ryu

    “It’d be a bit more on the nose if each panel was colored differently.”

    • But then people would say, “They’re not the same. They’re different colors.” This just works for humor purposes.

      • Mygaffer

        I think that is the joke though. Many times the only difference between a level 1 Wombat and a Level 40 Terror-Bat is a pallet swap. That would make more sense for the joke.

        • Mygaffer


        • Man in Black

          That, and the more badass colors are for the low levels and the goofier colors are for the higher levels.

  • odderz

    But when you can pump up your character’s appearance through levelling, you look monged.

    Fable II anyone?

  • Rickles

    Hah; thought I was playing Kingdom of Loathing for a second, there.

  • streptos

    That comic remembers me that Square-Enix has recently change le size of monsters upon their level in Final Fantasy XIV online. Did they have the same revelation as Steve N. ?

  • Sparanda

    Reminds of freakin Zubats.