Privilege, not a Right… [ IMAGE ]

Thanks Pink Godzilla Games!

I wasn’t feeling too well today. Which in turn didn’t motivate me to finish today’s comic art. So rather than ignoring Monday all together, I decided to throw this up for something nice and easy. I think its cute, but I also admit it was very easy to put together. That said, there will be another comic on Wednesday and Friday this week.

I blame myself for not feeling well. On Saturday I drove three and a half hours to play soft air gun… hosted by Nelly and Jim of Morlock Enterprises and participated by numerous webcomic people (Blue and Blond, Comedity, Erfworld, Easy Skankin’ and Hookie Dookie Panic… I believe that’s it. Sorry if I missed anyone.) They divided us up into two teams… the Army Ants (badge was a red ant with an army helmet) and the Navy Seals (which was a seal with a snorkel and goggles). It was fun. My only problem, beside the three and a half hour drive there and the three and half a hour drive back, was that Wilson was on my team and I didn’t get a chance to shoot him. Maybe next time.

I’m running a pre-order on a 100% Otaku Guaranteed shirt from now until Friday. I’m going to be selling the shirt at NekoCon X, but whether or not the shirt appears on the website is up in the air. Also, right now its only $15US and that might change, too. So you might want to pre-order one NOW!!!

Lastly, there’s a clearance on a lot of the current Dueling Analogs shirts for only $9.95 going on at the store. You might want to check them out, because when they’re gone… they’re gone.