Portal 2 Meets Ren & Stimpy [ IMAGE ]

Now you’re thinking with rubber nipples!

source: deviantART
via: Kotaku


  • SerenityDan

    Wheatley you eeeeediot!

  • phearb0mb

    I could see GlaDOS playing happy happy joy joy to “calm” the testing volunteers

  • The Pezman

    Where’s Cave Johnson?

    • jeffers

      Forget Cave, where’s P-body and Atlas dammit!!!

      • TNK

        Agreed. This is seriously lacking my two favorite characters. No Atlas and no P-body make TNK something something.

        • renzo

          Go crazy?

  • Chaos

    Cute, really hit the nail on the head for the style.

  • Nice~!

  • Triaxx2

    This completely explains the nerve gas.

  • I think Wheatley should be short and fat.

  • GlaDOS in this reminds me of Shego from Kim Possible…