Pokémon vs. Digimon [ IMAGE ]

Awesomely brutal comparison between Pokémon and Digimon created by In-The-Machine.

source: Gamefreaks


  • My problem with the new generation of Pokemon is that they seem to be leaning more towards the Digimon approach. The only difference is they’ve replaced ‘missiles and bombs’ with ‘armored plates’.

    Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the days when all my Pokemon didn’t look like creepy robots.

  • Ha! So true. I’ve always liked Digimon a little more than Pokemon, but I’m not sure why. I guess it was the more “mature” side of it (relative to Pokemon, that is) that attracted me, especially season 3 of the TV show. Oh, and Digimon World 3 is probably the most underrated PSX game ever, or at least in the top 5-10 of underrated PSX games.

  • Anydaynow

    Pokemon 4 EVUR fucka da world

  • Undrave

    They forgot the full body armors. Omegamon, Dukemon, Shoutmon X4 and so on…Lots of holy knights.

    Also Digimon got boobies :p