Pokémon Color Spectrum [ IMAGE ]

Can you do me a favor? Check over this image and make sure that every Pokémon is included. If you see one that is missing, please let me know in the comments below.


  • Anonymous

    Magnemite and Magneton are nowhere to be found.

  • Lost

    i cant see missingo-…

  • mindscapejem

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Oddish isn’t in this one, or maybe that Pokémon is the Where’s Waldo/Wally of this image.

    • mcspaddin

      I really can’t find oddish either, I also can’t seem to find magnezone

      • mindscapejem

        Magnezone is above Woobat, below Shinx/Kyogre/Mantyke, in the center of the page and about a third of the way into the blue section from the top. Still no luck on Oddish, though it appears this uses mostly the dreamworld images, so maybe that’ll help a little. *shrugs*

    • MonkTHAC0

      I don’t see oddish either nor Mew or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough for few?

      • MonkTHAC0

        Err Mew* nor can I seem to find Vileplum for that matter.

        • mindscapejem

          This is becoming a fun game actually. Both Mew and Vileplume are on the left side of the image near the top. Mew is at the start of the pink section from the top, under Togetic and Mesprit, and above Alomomola. Vileplume is in the red section, above Victini and below Venipede and Throh.

  • snc

    I can’t seem to find Milotic