Pixel Perfect [ IMAGE ]

John McGregor has a deep love for retro video games. That’s why his website, Brother Brain, is an homage to the pixel based video game art of yesteryear. These are a just a few samples of some of those pieces found on his site.

Pixel Art - Punchout!Pixel Art - Mega Man
Pixel Art - CastlevaniaPixel Art - Bill and Ted


  • Gato

    A real pixel pusher.

  • Phaelin

    I just love the Dig-Dug gif. Kudos! (The X one is a given love.)

  • Random Guy

    I love the bowser pic because it reminds me of that scene in the first Godzilla movie where he pops his head over the cliff side.

    • redjarman

      Reminds me more of when Bowser shows up in Hotel Mario.