Pikmin’s Tainted Secret [ IMAGE ]

This is probably one of the few chances I will ever get to mention ‘crocodile scrotum’ in a post on Dueling Analogs?


  • Sabbo

    “ワニノフグリ”? I’m confused. Why would they write that in katakana? “Crocodile scrotum” would be わにのふぐり/鰐の陰嚢.

  • Fox

    Except that no, it doesn’t “literally” mean that at all. ワニノフグリ is in katakana, so it’s not a Japanese word at all. And while ワニ does mean “crocodile,” that’s not the word here because the character “no” is also in katakana. If the term were to refer to something belonging to a crocodile, it would be ワニの Some random word that means “scrotum.”

    I don’t know what Sabbo is saying, but “Crocodile Scrotum” in Japanese is simply ワニの陰嚢.

    • Sensei Le Roof


      In pre-Columbian times, this fruit was considered an aphrodisiac.

      For this reason, one Aztec language named it āhuacatl.

      Āhuacatl is short for āhuacacuahuitl, which means “testicle tree” (āhuacatl “testicle” + cuahuitl “tree”).

      Dunno why Cyanide97 used katakana, but yeah…

      • Sensei Le Roof

        (Information copied from Merriam-Webster Online.)

      • Parisu

        Just as an extra tidbit the word in current times is spelled “Aguacate” in modern spanish. The name comes from the pronouncitation of the original word “āhuacatl” as it sounded to the ears of spanish conquerors.

    • MrB

      In ワニの, ワ is the scrotum.

      • Sensei Le Roof

        “Scrotum” is the part you forgot to copy.