Pew Pew Pew! [ IMAGE ]

You’ve got to imagine that up close Mega Man has a lot of joints and seams that would make the character design too overwhelming if you tried to show them all. Probably isn’t as pronounced as this image, but definitely more detailed than the standard Mega Man artwork.


  • Anonymous

    I doubt it. It’s never represented in game, cartoons, cutscenes, etc., while on some robots its very obvious. Even for Rock, and not Rockman, he’s often shown with seams around his elbows and the like to distinguish him from the humans, and bolts on his feet, little things like that, though never this pronounced. If you consider he’s supposed to be a hero for humanity, Dr. Light might have designed his combat suit to hide (or protect) those little touches.

    In Dr. Wily’s Revenge you can see Megaman’s guts every time he gains a new power, so my way of thinking is that there IS that heavily-jointed Skele-droid under there somewhere, but some polymer is covering the surface, with a blue jumpsuit over it, hiding any hints of its existence.

  • Nagmar

    The problem with that assertion is it assumes that none of the Mega Man box, and manual art we’ve gotten over the last 2 and a half decades was accurate at all. It’s like the American localization team for the first two games all over again, or the band Protomen, “This art can’t be right! WE can obviously do better than this!”

    It also kind of assumes that Mega Man wasn’t constructed with plastics, but that’s kind of par for the course with western mech design. 30 years on, and we’re still stuck using Battle Tech aesthetics.