Original 150 Pokémon as Named by Boyfriend* [ IMAGE ]

*Not my boyfriend, mind you. I would hope that he would know his Pokémon better than this. No this was originally posted on Reddit by moolio_.

It is funny to see how many of these Pokémon he knows from the anime series and how many he “thinks” he knows because of other Nintendo video game franchises.

Speaking of other Nintendo video game franchises, this list does teach us that if Mario really wants to defeat Bowser, he should do it before he evolves from Squirtle. Just saying…

source: Reddit


  • odderz

    I laughed SO FUCKING MUCH.

  • I love how flu evolves to HIV

    • Lily926

      bahaha i was thinking the exact same thing

  • mikeszekely

    I guess Ash dodged a bullet that time he almost caught HIV.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing after I visualized Storkpecker…

  • Lairo

    Wait, whose boyfriend should know his pokemon better than this?

  • Zharg

    Lol! Naruto! HIV! DERP and HERPDERP haha

    • Lily926


  • Svafa

    I’m going to catch a Jynx and name it “Ganguro” right now. I can’t believe it never occurred to me before. Then again, I only ever caught Jynx to fill out my pokedex… >.>

    I’m also deeply disappointed that neither Onyx nor Cloyster were involved in any form of innuendo. :/

  • Melissa

    What about Kabutops??

  • Manowar: reference to Megaman X 8?

    • nigardo

      Man of war is a like a a jellyfish

  • jkrevan

    Man-O-War is the name of some form of jellyfish.

    • Stefanie

      It’s one of the deadliest jellies that live off the Australian coast.

  • Junta

    Magnet <- How does it work ??

  • Not knowing the obvious things about Mario, Sonic, and The Legend of Zelda is funny. Futzing with the names of Pokemon? Not so much. There’s too many of them, and it’s a non-essential series.

  • JHYW

    The sad thing is, if you showed this to Game Freak they might get some ideas. Bikiwi and Armordillan sound like they could be proper Pokemon. Also, Foxfire is actually the translation of the original Japanese name for Vulpix, I believe.

  • ThePeebs

    Makes you wonder though, if you gave this list, with no names attached, to someone that knows nothing about pokemon, what would they come up with?

    • Rick

      A crumpled up piece of paper and an insult.

  • DP

    Derp and Herpderp are the best.

  • jlr18

    I like how he knew some of them just fine, renamed some, and just described some (a tree, tentacleface). Also, he sees lizards a lot.

  • Niko-Kiro

    at least he says mewtwo and not frieza

  • stylez

    Too Funny!!!!!!!


  • That guy

    I see only one flaw. Where is Mew???

    • jrmy

      that would make it 151 pokemon..

      • jrmy

        actually there appears to be 151 already.. so i guess theres a mistake already.. nvm