Oops… [ IMAGE ]

Looks like Sora is not soaring anymore. Get it?!

Seriously though, finding the parts and customizing the Gummi Ships in the original Kingdom Hearts was so much fun for me. If Square-Enix ever released Gummi Ships: The Game and it was like the version in the original Kingdom Hearts, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Just saying…

source: deviantART


  • Jimmy T

    Really? I thought it was a little funner when I grew up and understood it better, but it to me, the entire process was like:

    You found schematics for: A CACTUAR SHIP! Which you neither can build it because you don’t have the parts, nor would want to because your custom ship can already rape the entire gummiverse.

  • SHOTGUNsniper

    Oh man that would be an awesome game, I wouldn’t be able to wait to make a giant flying box of guns.

  • yue

    I’ve never once customized my ship in Kingdom Hearts, outside of the necessary upgrades to continue.

  • PrinceJonathan

    Ah I remember building a giant Borg Cube in KH1. It used Black Blocks for the frame work, stuck ALL OF THE GUNS in the front, ALL OF THE ENGINES in the back, used the remaining Black Blocks to fill in gaps, ran out of blocks for the sides so I use Aero panels instead, stuck a Cockpit, Shields, Capture Nets and assorted junk inside the thing.

    It was so big it couldn’t maneuver and collided with everything, but it’s health was so huge it didn’t matter. And the fire power would kill everything, then the nets would reel in the health pickups.

    Tried to make the Enterpise in KH2, couldn’t do it. I could make the Saucer but couldn’t get it to fit neatly into the Main Body.

  • Tustin2121

    Yes! Same! I totally want a Gummi Ship game! And if they made it, I would probably stop having fantasies of making it myself (and subsequently starting projects that never get far for it)! :D

    • PrinceJonathan

      Now there’s an idea, a Kingdom Hearts Gummi Ship racing game in the style of Mario Kart. Normally this would be perfect for a “Shut up and take me money” gag, but I’m broke. I would be willing to pay with my body though.

  • Atmey

    Actually it is a third level pun, Sora means Sky in Japanese.

  • Chaos

    Giant flying gummi penis or bust.

    Gummi ships were the SHIT. Loved ’em.

  • My custom ships usually ended up just being extreme mods of the base Kingdom ship; just stretching out to be longer to fit guns. I actually disliked and never used the guns that spray wide (teh blizzard guns, if I recall correctly).

    Not the highest HP, especially for Mission 3 in KHII, with that ‘optional boss’ Heartless megaship.
    But, of all the custom “explot” ships I see videos going on that mission (like alot that’re empty squares so all the shots pass safely through the gap), I see that they still use the same strategy that my “underarmored” ship had sucessful S+9 wins with:

    Do a barrel roll.