Official Currency of the Mushroom Kingdom [ IMAGE ]

Official Mushroom Kingdom Currency
With all the modern advances in printing, why can’t we have money as colorful as this?

[Eyes of a Brownie]


  • Meiriana

    Do want!

  • Dan

    American money looks so stupid ¬_¬

    • American money or Mario Money? I think they both look amazing!

  • Rob

    I’ve gotta admit I’m amazed that in this day and age all different value bills in the US look the same regardless of their value. At least we have the sense in the UK to make all of our notes different colours :D

    Cool pic though

    • Koro

      It’s pretty much only the US that wants to stick to the green and only green money. Canadian money is all different colours, Japan uses different colours and different sizes, as do several other Asian and European countries, and Australian money is made out of a fiber that they can wash in a giant laundry machine and recirculate the bills

    • Angel Xtreme

      In México we also have diferent color for our money.
      Sadly, now our money is made of plastic. It may be good for when you forgot it and went to the laundry, but if it gets just one tiny cut, its days are counted.

  • PrinceJon

    Isn’t it illegal to deface money like that?

    Still pretty cool, wonder who’s on the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

    I want to make a stripper joke about her g-string being filled with these but I can’t make it work.

    • Rahentho

      It’s seems to be just a photocopy with the doodles over it.
      Check the black and white borders.