Now Kids… [ IMAGE ]

If you keep this up, no one is going to ride out the nuclear explosion from inside the refrigerator.

source: deviantART


  • CoolDude

    Now you young whippersnappers, you may have them Sarah Croft and them Nathan Blake, but Jonesie will always be the master of explorers!

  • thewood

    I’m thinking of a potentially amazing game idea… 3-player versus tomb raiding! Each player using a different character, each character with their specific skill-sets. Lara’s acrobatics, Drake’s climbing, and Indy’s general bad-assery. Who can reach the treasure first? Who can make it back out with the treasure? Set it up like the puzzles in Trine, where every puzzle has 3 different solutions using each of the characters unique skills, only instead of working together they’re trying to sabotage each other.

    • Sounds like a Spy vs Spy scenario. I like it!