Nintendo Toylet II [ IMAGE ]

Here’s hoping the Nintendo Toylet III also helps with my with my hemorrhoids.

source: Bēhance


  • Roel

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was a joke about Mario being the first player on the toilet and Luigi, being the second player, having to sit in his stink.

  • hopeful

    Im sure a quick google would confirm but is this legit? I WANT IT!

  • JulieR

    I’m… honestly somewhat relieved that not only am I not the only one who has had this happen to them (multiple times), but it has happened enough that someone made this fine, FINE product/comic!

    • H3xx

      At times, my legs are so numb that I nearly fall over whilst pulling my pants up. so something to keep the blood flowing would be awesome.

  • Mike

    It’s Japan. They’ve done things to toilets that make this less than impossible

  • Please let this be a real thing!

  • Ed

    Not real, just an Italian gamer’s design idea. Still, it would be awesome.