Mother’cker Suplexed a TRAIN! [ IMAGE ]

This should have been the promotion art for Final Fantasy VI. Sabin is awesome and Cyan’s expression is priceless.

The Best Moment of Final Fantasy VI

I know I have already explained it before, but Sabin is hands down my favorite Final Fantasy character ever. I know it’s mostly due to the the simple fact that Sabin is awesome, but I also think that there are other contributing factors as well.

Nostalgia definitely plays a major factor. When I was playing Final Fantasy VI, as a kid, that was definitely apex of my video game obsession. Sure, I still love them now, but I know there will never be a time like that in my life again. OH… And the fact that Final Fantasy VI is the greatest Final Fantasy game ever. That definitely helps too (It can’t hurt). But mainly because Sabin is awesome. The end!

source: deviantART