Mike Mignola’s Super Mario Bros. [ IMAGE ]

So Mike Mignola did not actually create this image, but the interpretation of his art style is so damn convincing that one might think he did.

On a slightly related note, have you ever seen the following 3D Hellboy demo?

I’m not usually a proponent of 3D over 2D animation, but this is how the Hellboy animated movies should have looked. Maybe they could utilize this art direction and repackage The Amazing Screw-On Head more cost effectively. The Amazing Screw-On Head was awesome.


  • PrinceJonathan

    Hellboy 3D? Are they making a new Hellboy movie? Or is it just a re-release of the first one in 3D?

    God I hope they make a third movie, and make it good, the second one was alright but I didn’t like how they portrayed Manning. In the first movie Hellboy and Manning seemed to put aside their differences at the end and bond. Then the second movie threw all that out the window and reduced him to nothing more than a paper pushing buttmonkey.

    And then I didn’t like the ending. Hellboy gets his girlfriend pregnant, with twins, and what’s the first thing the moron does…he quits his job! Like what the fuck is he going to do, get a job busing tables at a goddamn Denny’s?!! He’d just eat all the damn pancakes.