Mewtwo vs. Mewthree [ IMAGE ]

I’ve seen the comparisons between Mew and Mewtwo and evolutions of Friza from Dragonball Z, but I hadn’t thought about equating MewThree (from Pokémon X and Y) to Super Buu. Good catch!

source: Reddit


  • Tustin2121

    There’s a MEWTHREE now?!?! O_o

    • Pietro

      Well it doesn’t have an official name, but it’s apparently a new pokemon who resembles mewtwo. Some call it mewthree, others newtwo…only time will tell!

      • This isn’t from a hack?

        • Lou Cypher

          ‘Fraid not. Check any Pokemon News site (Serebii, Pokebeach) and there he is…

      • FloatzelStriker

        Its Mewtwo’s True form.

  • David

    For some reason this makes me want to see them as mismatched partners in a buddy cop movie. Mewtwo is too old for this shit.

  • Xuncu

    Now kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss…