Mega Homer and Rock Bart [ IMAGE ]

Maybe this is a crossover that might get Capcom interested in the Mega Man franchise again.

source: deviantART


  • TNK

    Abe as Dr. Light and Mr. Burns as Dr. Wily would make for an interesting setup as well, given they already have history as adversaries. Maggie is Protoman, as she’s quite the badass when she wants to be. Marge as adult Roll and Lisa as young Roll would be funny, especially Lisa protesting the idea of the female being the housekeeper.

    Oh. My. God. I just thought of this. Flanders as Dr. Cossack.

  • JulieR

    This is good… now lets start casting the robot masters!

  • ARite

    Millhouse as a Bubbleman?

    • Xuncu

      Nah, Milhouse would be one of the shitty shield-weapon-giving bosses.