Math. It explains everything. [ IMAGE ]

Math and Scribblenauts explain a few things, too.

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  • Jarrett

    girls require time and money —- girls = time * money
    and we all know time is money —- time = money
    thus —- girls = money * money = money ^ 2
    and since money is the root of all evil —- money = evil ^ (0.5)
    we can see that —- girls = (evil ^ (0.5)) ^ 2
    And we can conclude —- girls = evil

    • Mischa

      as much as I love this proof that Girls are (mathematically proven) evil, shouldn’t the first line be

      girls = time + money as you said, they require time AND money.

      I know this would ruin this wonderful equation but that line still seems so oddly translated ; )

      • Vortigar

        Ah, but when you try to spend money and no time or no money and just time on a girl your net result is going to be zero in either case. So you can logically conclude it must be multiplication instead of addition*.

        If only “girls require time times money” would roll off the tongue better.

        *There are outliers for which this isn’t true. Some girls really can be bought and others really don’t care if you don’t spend any money on them as long as you show you care. That’s why this becomes a logical statement instead of a mathematical one, but we can’t have everything, can we? Especially where it concerns girls.

        • rkzijlstra

          I believe your logic is flawed.

          man + woman = man – money – time
          woman = – money – time
          time = money
          woman = – 2 money
          money = √ all evil
          woman = -2 evil²

          Women are VERY good indeed.
          NOT having a woman may be financially good, but will damn your soul

      • J

        It sounds strange because he misquoted it; The line should be “Girls are a PRODUCT of time and money”, which you then jokingly turn into multiplication.

    • anama-chan

      By that equation… wouldn’t video games also be evil? (unless you count the monthly free PSN download with plus, but even then they require time)

    • Kevin

      One flaw- its the LOVE of money that is the root of evil- not money itself…

  • TZer0

    What if you had women on a Beta test? They would cost time but no money. Report flaws until a patch is created then they would take less time and since you were on Woman Beta maybe you could get a reduced subscription or free play for a year. Allowing you to horde money. By hording money and working out the bugs with the dev you end up with a woman that is possibly 50% less evil and monetarily better in the long run. Unless there is a server reboot or they drop the project then you’re screwed.

    • Galstaff

      Remember that they usually drop all data and do a reset before the final release. So you effectively lose all the time you put in, and if you want to even have a shot at more time you need the appropriate amount of money. Also, although it may seem awesome at first, when they realize how much money there is to be made, that’s when they start nickel and dimeing you with DLC.

  • tudza

    Tell us another story Uncle Rebus