Lesser Known Portal Uses

Lesser Known Portal Uses

Lesser Known Portal Uses

by Steve Napierski to Images

Seems like so much fun it makes me wish I had a Portal gun.

source: Society6
  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Oh gods… without the Advanced Knee Replacement prostheses that sky diving is going to go poorly…

    Opening the parachute is a death sentence :S

  • Sharain

    You forgot the “Self satisfaction” part…

    • Seth

      I daresay that one’s fairly well-known by now. Of course, so are the mirror and the skydiving.

      • Sai

        Yeah, I remember the hours spent falling to the floor and coming out the ceiling. And the times spent trying to check Chell out.

        • Blur

          When you finally saw her it was kinda disappointing, amirit?

          • http://psychedouttheoretical.tumblr.com/ JohnSStrider

            Nah, Chel is pretty good looking I guess.