Legion of Super Herdiers [ IMAGE ]

There’s a lot more of these on RECYCLE BINS‘ Tumblr page. I definitely recommend checking them out.



  • Halrawk

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… 10?

    • 8 and 9 go together and I didn’t want to repost them all here. Wanted to give people a reason to visit the creators page.

  • Chaos

    I d’awwed at the Skitty.

    • Alastor

      I second this d’awwwing

  • stoutfiles

    All Pokemon jokes should be limited to the original 151.

    • Agreed. I recognize ONE pokemon from this.

      • ThisIsNotDan

        Me too! Who’s ever even heard of any of these besides Froslass?

        • Twilightfairy

          Only us poke’nerds.

    • Josef


    • Alastor

      Typing while blind is a talent.

      Since you’re obviously blinded by nostalgia.