The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Future [ IMAGE ]

I look at this futuristic interpretation of The Legend of Zelda series as being similar to Clockwork Empire concept, proposed by Aaron Diaz. They’re both good and really cool, but I don’t honestly ever expect to see either of them happen.

This one more so than the Clockwork idea, as it is more than a just a rule #63 switch. This would make the series feel more like a Metroid game than a Zelda title. Still, maybe this incarnation of Link could be like Pinocchio where he’s striving to be a real boy. Or maybe the soul of hero from the past contained inside this robot shell and he’s fighting for the future. There really are a lot of possible directions.

Remember, I didn’t say this wasn’t a cool idea. I just said I don’t expect anything like this will actually ever happen.

source: deviantART