Left for Dead End [ IMAGE ]

“Sorry, but our princess is in the opposite direction.”

They don’t teach you this in school, but there are somethings that a even middle-aged, overweight, New York City plumber cannot do. I apologize for any dreams that have been crushed.

source: TomSka


  • Jnite

    Pffft! This is stupid. What’s the big deal? Going left isn’t that hard. First I’ll go right, then I’ll go le-

    *Dies aweful, terrible, horribly painful death*

  • thewood

    “Left? That’s fine as long as it’s right there… Oh you mean OUT OF THE SCREEN LEFT? Shit. Um. Shit. How did Bowser do it? If he could figure it out surely I can… Shit. I can’t even outsmart a giant turtle? I really am a loser, I guess I’ll just end it all.” POW… GAME OVER

  • Sensei Le Roof

    Better hope she’s in SNES castle.