In Case of an Earthquake [ IMAGE ]

From what I can tell, the original version of this image was in Spanish. Unfortunately, all the versions of said image were so full of JPEG artifacts that I couldn’t find a clean version to use (even the versions that were translated). So I recreated it, while only slightly modifying it, in order to repost it here.

source: Unknown
updated version: Dueling Analogs


  • Kaye

    Crises like these is why I’m considering getting one of those indestructible black boxes to keep my older systems in. The newer ones will have such a “wonderful” warranty on them so that if they break or get damaged by acts of nature, I can get my money’s worth of digital content and discs back.

    Save data, on the other hand… Yeeeeeeeeeeeah…

  • Bhaal42

    I dont want to look to nerdy, but you pad looks a PS3 but the console is clearly a 360.

  • adriskrayzee

    Are you kidding me? You take the console with you!

  • You can tell the person who made this isn’t used to earthquakes. You only run once the walls start to crack or things start to look like shakey cam, which is very unusual, otherwise you just sit it through. True story.