I know that feel, bro. [ IMAGE ]

There’s actually a whole series of these on deviantART that currently total forty-one, but these are just all the gaming references included in one place.

Also, if you’re stumped on why any of the characters feel each other’s pain just make sure to check out the series page. You can find them there.

source: deviantART


  • Tremeos

    Missed one:

  • Phaelin

    I didn’t get the Sonic/Cap, Mario/Finn, Jim/Ironman ones, and was totally wrong on the Pacman/H.H.Hippo and Ganondorf/Aku ones.

    I adore these little toons.

    • Wokndead

      Here are my thoughts:
      Sonic/Cap = both rely on rings to exist; Jim/Iron Man = they’re nothing without their suits
      I’m clueless on the Mario/Finn one, except that maybe they both inhabit crazy acid-trippy worlds…?

      • ThisIsNotDan

        Gotta admit, my first thought with Sonic/Captain Planet was “forgotten icons of the 1990’s”

        • Dash12345678

          That was my first thought as well. I didn’t actually know enough about Captain Planet to know he needed rings for anything.

          • SaCul

            honestly I thought both sonic and captain planet have spiky hair. but rings works too.

      • Phaelin

        Ok, no one noticed in the post that the link to the DevArt page actually tells you why. You are correct on the first two counts at least!

        Mario/Finn is a reference to their Princess Issues.

      • ed

        Actually, without his suit, Tony Stark is still a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

      • Mr T L Wolf

        Mario/Finn are always chasing princesses.

  • LordWorpeltinger

    Pacman/Hungry Hungry Hippo – both gobbles things up fast.
    Mario/Finn pursuing a princess that keeps getting Kidnapped.
    Gannondorf/Aku – getting chased by a dink with a magic sword
    Jim/Ironman – being told that they are nothing without their suit
    Capt. Planet/Sonic – being blue I think… and having thier original reason of being having been forgotten

  • Sontag

    I think sonic and captain planet are always saving the planet from evil masterminds who are trying to destroy it or corrupt it in some way but never capture the bad guy.

  • PrinceJonathan

    What does Ironman have to be sad about?

    To the comment “You’re nothing without your suit.” he’d probably respond “I’d still be richer than you.”.

  • Anthony J

    Does the grammar bother anyone else? I’d love these a TON more if they said, “I know that feeling, bro” or “I know how that feels, bro.”

  • Optimus MO’FO Prime

    Wait…I saw TWO Mega Man characters?!


  • Castor

    Alphonse / Luigi = both stand in their brother’s shade.