How Video Game Makers Design Characters [ IMAGE ]

I originally saw this posted on Kotaku today, but I felt that version they had was a little hard to read. So I decided to recreate the image and post it on here.

I don’t see any malicious intent behind the development, I just see a lot of these issues being female characters designed by males designers with male gamers in mind as the target demographic. Extra Credits did an awesome video about this topic called: True Female Characters. I definitely recommend checking that out as well.

original: I Love Charts
updated version: Dueling Analogs


  • AshSabre

    So true..

  • Static

    “Japanese, carries large sword” I bet we can tell who’s the prime example for that…

  • olicool10

    Yea, but what about Mirror’s Edge? Sure, Faith had boobs, but she was the protagonist…

    • catra

      Boobs is the requirement for all types of female characters in all types of games. doesn matter if its a shooter, RPG, Puzzle, what have you. Sur Faith is the protagonist, but the important thing…. BOOBS!

      • jim

        Yes, that is how the female anatomy works. They tend to have boobs.

    • whoever

      this is the exception, not the rule

  • “Japanese, carries large sword” I bet we can tell who’s the prime example for that…

  • Randomgamerdude

    On a serious note, why do the female roles always tend to have a magical side? Seriously, Zelda…everyone in Final Fantasy…and if you’re being nitpicky, Celia the fairy from Phantom Hourglass.
    Nintendo superfan…AWAY!

    • EM2

      This has been explained. It is the BOOBS!