Gone in a Flash! [ IMAGE ]

Come denizens of the internet, explain to me the accuracy or inaccuracy of this image! Would The Flash, who is faster than Superman, easily win this race? Could Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage, teleport to kunai waiting at the finish line and technicly win? Is Sonic the Hedgehog faster than we are led to believe? Could the artist not think of another fast moving character, so he decided to include The Road Runner? Which speed demons do you think would have worked better for this piece? Comment away! Your insightful opinions are definitely welcomed.

source: deviantART


  • Llufetsat

    In order for this to be an accurate representation, the race would have to be taking place in the DC universe. The reason for this being The Flash relies on the speed force in order to move at blinding speeds. The speed force only exists in the DC universe (as seen in a DC/Marvel crossover). So if Sonic, RR and Minato were transported to Metropolis, say, then yes, The Flash would destroy them in a foot race. Anywhere else? Not so much.

  • Dexter

    It’s kind of hard to say. We’re told in Naruto that Minato uses “Space Time” type of technique. Never really explained but I just thought of it as teleporting that requires correct conditions. Also from my admittedly lesser knowledge of the Flash it ususally seems like to get up to the real intense faster-than-sound or near-light-speed he needs time to accelerate. Sonic and RR not even in the same league.

  • Harahoshi

    I can’t view this on my iPhone… Apple doesn’t support flash

  • airos

    While I agree that The Flash is faster overall, he is shown to have to build up to his to speed (he is never shown to instantly break the sound barrier in my experience, there may be comics to contradict this), given the distance of a track, about 400 meters, he would likely not reach top speed before the end. On the other hand, Sonic, as he is shown without the Chaos Emeralds, has been shown to accelerate to top speed in a matter of feet and might have a chance in such a short distance, with the Chaos Emeralds he can move fast enough to apparently stop time with little to no time for acceleration, with them he would almost definitely win. Minato Namikaze, while still considered a very fast character in general, is more based on teleportation and reflexes than actual distance running, he would definitely be in last. Road Runner has been shown to accelerate fast enough to leave a cloud behind (implying a speed of over least mach 1) instantaneously, and has been shown to phase through walls with paint on them, indicating he can vibrate his molecules in a way similar to The Flash. The Road Runner would win.

    • KPSquall

      You most certainly put a whole lot of thought into that, and I feel that I should agree with you; of course if Minato Namikaze had one of his special kunai planted at the finish line then he would be there the fastest I think. I was wondering why they had him on foot.

  • Sky Render

    I’m pretty sure that any of them trying to move much faster than 300m/s is going to get pretty hot pretty fast, actually. We have this pesky thing called an “atmosphere” all around us, you see, that kind of pushes back against us when we try to move through it at ludicrous speeds, causing friction (hence why spacecraft experience re-entry heat when coming back from orbit; they burn off over 7km/sec of speed just by compressing the air in front of them as they fall) by the time they hit the ground). And it’s exponentially thicker the closer you get to sea level, too. So yeah, the winner would be whomever was the most fireproof.

  • Kongobongo

    Depends on the location of the race. If they race in the DC universe, Flash will own them all due to the presence of the speed force. In any location not the DC universe, he’d be no faster than human speed. However, if I remember right, he needs some time to build up speed, which, given the shortness of the track, might prove the edge the others need.

    Also I’m pretty sure Minato would get disqualified if he tried to use his teleportation trick, because it constitutes cheating in this case. And on foot, he moves like a snail by the standards of the other racers, although he’s still fast if he pumps chakra into his legs.

    The roadrunner is an interesting case, because he moves at blinding speeds, can move through paint on a wall (indicating he can vibrate himself through it like The Flash can) AND he can accelerate to top speed from standing still.
    Sonic needs some feet to build up speed as well.

    In conclusion I’d say that Minato always comes in last no matter where they race because he’s probably forbidden from using his space-time trick and without it, he’s slow as a snail compared to the others. The Flash might win if they race in the DC universe, but if they race elsewhere, I’d it’s a toss-up between Sonic and the Road Runner.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    *twitch* LED to believe. PAST tense.

  • Exper

    You obviously has no idea how broken The Flash is.

    I am no fan of his, I just read plenty of comics, just saying.

    In one of comics was faster than light: INSTANT teleportation (from one distance planet to Earth).
    Not only this, in the meantime he managed to move millions of people from the mentioned planet to Earth.

    Even if this was not enough, another time he was able to outrun Death. Not even the normal Death, because it is so obvious he can do something like that, but the Flash-Death, a kind of Death that comes after speed heroes like The Flash. He managed to outrun it by running to the end of time. Yes, to the end of Universe. And then he came back to our times.

    That’s how broken The Flash is.

  • Wryy

    Why so serious?