Gokachu or Pikarot? [ IMAGE ]

How much cooler would the Pokémon anime be if it was constantly mashed with other anime/media sources? It would be like Gintama, but with collecting and battling creatures… Expect they actually did battle and collect creatures in Episode 65: “Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys That Life Is Precious.” Damn Pokémon, stop trying to be like Gintama and do your own dang thing. Posers!

via: Reddit


  • Ryu

    Gochu is his Earth name (Gokachu is awkward), Pikarot is his Saiyan one.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      That has me thinking-in retrospect, Vejito doesn’t make sense for the fusion of Goku and Vejita because to Vejita, Goku is Kakarotto, right? So, wouldn’t it be Vejirotto?

      Gojita works though.