Girlfriend Compatibility Test [ IMAGE ]

This test is an equal opportunity assessment…Your boyfriends should be able to do this, too.

source: 9GAG



    This test is somewhat misleading. I mean, two/three of those controllers can be used cross systems.

    • Alex

      Cross system controllers are matched to their original systems, and can be matched for bonus points. Problem solved.

    • Fluxxdog

      …which is part of the test ;)

  • tutness

    I’m pretty sure I got all of this right, and yet I’m still single T_T

    …. boyfriend, are you out there? <3

    • nailbunny

      Careful, you are leaving white knight bait

    • Gary

      I’m here! What’s yo’ name, babes?

      • Ash


      • Misty

        Take me Gary

        • Lolotov

          Got tired of Ash dancing around the issue, huh, Misty?

          • This comment thread is so full of win……

        • TheyCallMeTomu

          Call me a weeaboo, but I’ll always prefer Kasumi.

    • Rissa

      I feel ashamed that many of my kind can’t pass this test… the cross platform is a nice touch for a bonus round though.

    • Zaiah

      …yo. lol

  • Cubia

    No Megadrive? o:

  • Bonus question: Name which consoles these are from.

    • BigLord

      Sega Saturn, both of them :D

      And I can’t believe that amazing console wasn’t included on the test… BOO!

      • Sara

        I think you mean Sega Genesis. My first console. <3

        • Slow_hand461

          I think you mean Sega Megadrive ;)

          • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

            I think you mean Sega Master System @“@

            …..Nah, I don’t actually know, but this is fun.

      • Lord Milkman

        Sorry, but the one on the left is the Saturn controller. Second American model, which was I think the original Japanese model, and much better than the “Americans have bigger hands” model that originally came with the system in America. The one on the right is a Genesis (or Megadrive) 6-button controller. Which is pretty much the same thing, minus two shoulder buttons.

    • Doc

      I was surprised to not see the Genesis controllers on the list.

      On a separate note, is it bad that I own 3/4 of this list yet? I don’t have an XBox, PS1, or Gamecube… all the rest plus Genesis are under my ownership, proudly :) And the only reason I don’t have those 3 is because… why? XD

  • Jay

    This isn’t really a good test, considering most of the consoles have their names stamped on the side, and the same with the controllers. Anything left is a process of elimination, or matching color schemes.

    Simply put, it’s more of a common sense test than it is a “is your girlfriend a gamer/nerd” test.

    Also, 9gag? C’mon sir!

    • mlsterben

      The names may be on the side, but my friend put the PS1 with a Wiimote. It isn’t as obvious as you might think.

      • mlsterben

        By the way, she got 3/9.

  • Arsebandit

    If that is the criteria by which you are to select a life mate, then you are limiting thyself greatly. Maybe (just maybe) some people don’t give a shit.

    • Link

      And that’s how you know if you have a match – if they don’t care and don’t love you enough to learn it for your sake, it’s better to find someone else.

      • thewood

        I don’t mind a girl who doesn’t game, as long as she doesn’t mind me nerding out every once in a while.

  • Dreiorra

    I don’t know whats worse, the fact that I can’t figure out two of them, or that I’ve owned all these systems at one point and can’t figure out two of them.

    • Dreiorra

      Through the power of Google I have figured out that I did know the two systems at first but I questioned myself and when I did that I got confused.

  • Candy

    Funny thing is is that I’d pass this test with flying colors AND the bonus cross platform controllers (also did you know with a ps2 to usb connection regular ps2 controllers will work on the ps3) but my boyfriend would have a difficult time with a good chunk of them. His first system was an xbox and that was his ONLY system. He’s a computer gamer but I grew up on console gaming, had every one of those minus the wii and ps3 at one point and time in my family. It’s also sad that the genesis and saturn aren’t on the list since those were big names back in the day.

  • Ryan

    This is less of a test of skill and more of a reading test. It would be a true test if you removed all of the logos first.

  • Robbo

    Fail! Where’s the Jaguar, TurboGraphx, and NeoGeo?
    Atari 2600, Colecovision, Odysee, etc. LOL. Now I’m just showing my age!

  • LimEJET

    US – only test, as the Super NES looks completely different everywhere else.


  • corec

    That US version of SNES is soo ugly. I can haz the better looking European SNES and it’s colorful controller?

  • K7

    Granted, this might be a bit too easy.

    Most have the system/company’s name right on them.

  • 314159265358

    I think a better test would be a picture of a broken controller along with a screenshot of the game that caused this controller to be broken.

  • JulieR

    No Atari 2600? How do you not get more base-level iconic than that?

  • Jeff

    My wife got 9 of the 11 for a passable 82. Guess that means we won’t be getting divorced. She doesn’t even play games (other than Mario Party), guess that means I’ve been working on her subconscious.

  • Triaxx2

    My nerdiness shows in my anger that Sony is on it’s third iteration of the same bloody controller. I’m a pretty dedicated gamer and I had trouble deciding which sony controller was for which system.

    I can see if it’s not broke, don’t fix it but seriously, even little changes like colors beyond matte black are nice.

    Sorry for the rant, great comic.