Gannon: The High School Years [ IMAGE ]

Gannon: The High School Years
Just saw this on Reddit. I can’t believe someone else hadn’t made this connection before now.



  • odderz

    I just can’t believe how accurate it is…

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha oh wow, that’s brilliant! :lol:

  • YoMama

    aahhhh memories. i must be getting old

  • Da Mighty Camel


  • I’m going to be whistling the theme from Doug for the rest of the evening now. I hope you’re happy. ;)

  • I took the liberty of creating a “totally looks like”:

  • Duker


    • Armane

      That’s real funny Funnie.

  • dsjk

    protip: it was created few years ago on 4chan.. just FYI.

  • Seawee

    Cannot unsee.

  • Randomgamerdude

    I’ve always wondered, but now I know; I am going to highschool with the lord of pure evil.

  • X_Intolerable_X

    Does this make doug into link and patti into zelda?

  • Ed

    Doug did always wear green.

  • David

    I remember noticing this one while Ocarina was still current. Another funny one is that Saddam looks like Andross from StarFox (when he was on trial, with his neat and trimmed beard).