Gaming: Then and Now [ IMAGE ]

Looking at the side-by-side screenshot comparison for various video game titles, really demonstrates just how far we have graphically come over the years.

I mean, just look at the difference between Donkey Kong Country then and now. Are those even the same games? No, seriously. I cannot tell. Are those the same games?


  • porkroll

    As Ray Harryhausen stated:
    CHRIS NEUMER: So you look at CGI as a tool and not a method of entertainment?

    RAY HARRYHAUSEN: I feel it’s a tool. As you know, in a thirty-second commercial you see the most amazing images, the amazing image is no longer spectacular. It’s become mundane because it’s over used. The computer seems to be able to do anything. So people take it for granted, I think. There’s something that happens in stop-motion that gives a different effect–like a dream world–and that’s what fantasy is about.

    I would say the same thing about pixel art vs. realistic 3D rendering. Ultra-realistic rendering may look awesome but it becomes mundane pretty quickly. On the other hand, pixel art retains a sense of fantasy that people play games for to begin with. Pixel art’s disconnect from reality is the very thing that makes it desirable as a gaming medium. This is why I consider the SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafx16 era the golden era of gaming because the limitations of the medium not only demanded better gameplay but also retained a sense of fantasy that modern games lack.

    • Not going to disagree with you. I definitely love me some sprites.

  • Carmeops

    must admit, those donkey kong sprites back then were so good, you can hardly see the difference with the current 3D one

    • David

      Trust me, in action you can see the difference. Tropical Freeze does not just high spec graphics but really nail high detail. As much as I love the original Donkey Kong Country games the levels were mostly reconfigurations of the same assets with unique parts here and there. In Tropical Freeze the levels have sort of two layers. The interactive layer and the background layer. The background layer feels like it’s made from scratch and as a result the interactive layer doesn’t feel like it’s ever reusing assets.
      The originals weren’t bad or anything but man, new Donkey Kong really shows what you can do when you’re making a 2D platformer with a team that really knows what they’re doing on hardware that can run Super Mario World a million times over. The whole game feels like they never hit a single hardware limitation even though they’re constantly pushing what the Wii U can do. It’s an amazing game to think about.

  • Tokoshoran

    Is it just me, or do Starcraft and Diablo look exactly the same?

    • Darchias

      They use the same graphics engine I think. Don’t worry, it is easy to tell the difference. Starcraft II has the little green circles under the monsters.