Gaming in Adulthood [ IMAGE ]

Gaming in Adulthood
Very good question.

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  • odderz

    …I do own more games than I play. :(

  • Emjaye

    Story of my life.

  • Rob

    amen to that :D

  • So I’m not the only person that never finishes games?

  • Celes

    My GF just told me to at least play a little like an hour or so of each game before buying new ones. Lets say I finished 5-10% of the current gen games, started about 20-30 and the rest didn’t even see the inside of my consoles. That’s the long version of what the picture is saying ;)

  • Bhaal42

    Can’t say how true this is to me … I feel like we are a LOT to have way too much games and way too LESS time to finish at least half of them …

    This reminds me of the Gamer circle.

  • Miksa

    Steam library:
    All Games: 116
    Recently Played: 3
    Installed: 4

    Eh, I’d say your claim doesn’t hold water.

  • Mr Mobius

    The main cause of this for me – Steam sales.

    Seriously, £3-5 for a full length game is too easy. It’s always a case of ‘will get around to it eventually’.

    • Same here. It’s the male equivalent of bargain hunt clothes & shoes shopping.

      Most of the five-in-ones I got aren’t even installed; some bargain priced games I tried and didn’t enjoy; but the big titles I patiently wait to be on sale I do play, and like the feeling of having two or three lined up after I finished the two or three I’m in the middle of.

  • All of my games are pirated throughout my 20 years of gaming experience (well, except maybe for a few console titles), so I know for sure what I like :D

  • liubei013

    *looks at stack of unfinished Xbox360 and PS2 games*

    Well, crap.

  • MindTricked

    I’d owned and played through (as much as possible, anyway) all my games, from Atari, to Intellivision, to the NES and SNES. Things started getting bad after I got the N64, because time became a factor… then I got the Playstation after FF VII came out, and… well, let’s just say I have a metric assload of games that I’ve never spent any time whatsoever with. The various MMOs I’ve played/still playing don’t help things, either.

  • Hurr Durr

    Well, techically considering the wording of my games library, I don’t own that many games, so no.

  • Mark Cenal

    I have so many games and I’ve only played a small few of them. The list of finished games are also very low. I have an Xbox 360 and of the 20+ games I own I’ve probably finished about 3 of them.

  • Synapse

    I actually don’t own a single game I haven’t played, only a few I haven’t beaten. Then again, I’m not into pirating tons of games I’m not interested in, and I sure as heck wouldn’t spend money on a game I wasn’t interested in, but then I need more than just “it’s another generic shooter 12” to have interest in it in the first place; everyone knows those are rare.

  • marvin

    I only have like, two games that I haven’t opened up to play. The rest of my collection I used to play often, especially in my younger days, before time and life became major factors.

  • Nuckel

    I for one can’t afford buying games just for putting them on the shelf. I do play what I have.

  • Detis

    My case is that when I do have time to play games like a week vacation, I end up not in the mood to play catch up with any of the games I’ve neglected. I love gaming but it seems it’s gotten harder to sit down and play them. Like I’m some ADD victim who can’t just play a game for hours on end like I used it. Having my RL friends want to play multiplayer games a lot online and what not makes it difficult to finish any games :p

  • Lord Milkman

    This is pretty much why I stopped buying games. I still get DS games now and then, because I actually play that due to it being portable. And I recently picked up a Wii game thanks to a “Buy two, get one” sale at GameStop, but unless something is just too fantastic to pass up I’ve been forcing myself to do just that. I find it doesn’t bother me.

    Now, this statement applies in spades to the butt-ton of games, mostly PS1/PS2 era, that I own and have finished and may never play again. Like my Saturn. I love my Saturn. Will my poor Saturn ever be hooked up again and have its battery replaced for the 5th time that I might play some of my old favorites again? I dunno, but I’ll be damned if I sell the thing!

  • Playing games is just as fun as I get older, but of course I wouldn’t mind owning a few more : )