Gaming Families [ IMAGE ]

Andry “Shango” Rajoelina actually created a bunch more of these images, over at Geek Art Store, but these were the only ones I saw that were gaming related. Make sure to check the rest of them out.

Just out of curiosity, which one is your favorite?


  • Clayton

    Definitely Light, Rock and Roll.

    Toadette’s existence irks me.

    I don’t recognize cigar/watergun guys or the girl with the basket of mushrooms.

    Cigar guy could be the old dude (Sullie?) from Uncharted, and does that make the kid a little Drake? Seems unlikely.

    I have no idea what the girl’s from. My best guess is Lucidity, but that seems a pretty far stretch.

    • Sabbo

      The girl with the mushrooms is Ellie, from The Last Of Us.

      • Krixous

        based on the bandana thing around his neck and the satchel imma say that nathan drake is the kid not sure though

        • fhwqgads

          the pair with the mushroom is Ellie and Joel from last of us, and the one with the watergun and the cigar smoker is Sully and Nathan from Uncharted.

  • ThinkingStone

    The Kongs. Something about them just clinging to this back. Shows that yes, they are monkeys, and yes, they have his back. Put’s Donkey in a protective light while still showing his love and friendship with the little guys.

  • Garth

    I can think of so many more that could be done:
    Star Fox
    Mario, Princess and Toad (predictable)
    Kirby, King Dedede and Waddle Dee

    Anyone got any others this artist could do?

    • ThisIsNotDan

      Mario, Peach, and Toad are the first family featured.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    What, Layton is big time enough to get one, but Phoenix Wright isn’t? PFFT. Lamesauce.

  • whos the family 4 down on the right?

    • ThisIsNotDan

      Mr. and Ms. Pac Man?