Gamer Rage [ IMAGE ]

Gamer Rage

I felt this was a little too obscure for most of you to be a regular comic, but I wanted to create it anyway. So I put it here.


  • Drakon


  • noddy

    I played that game to the end (unfortunately)

  • Unfortunately that subreddit is mostly crap. Very few of them contain any glimmer of humor. You, however, have used the meme correctly.

  • Kriztov

    I’m willing to bet I’m going to see a whole new bunch of comics then end in QQQQQQQQQ

  • RedSleeves

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  • Nigel

    The game was hard as balls.

  • win! :D

  • Okay that was pretty darn hilarious, good one man :lol:

    Now all we need is 4chan to start the all-in-good-fun hilarious edits!

  • podlowe

    rofl, Shaq-Fu brings back memories of cringing and lying in the fetal position after trying to play through it.

  • Joseph Collins

    You obviously don’t know your audience very well, Stevey. I’m willing to wager a great majority of your viewers are familiar with this particular meme and some may have even contributed to the cause!

    As for the comic itself, totally 100% accurate. That second frame reminds me of Baman and Piderman though… XD

  • saxxon

    i have to say that this would have made a good comic. if you state that most people wouldnt have gotten this joke, even though you have posted very many 4chan related jokes (google, twitter, pedobear strip comes to mind), and that fact that a good number of your audience knows alot of games that are ancient (hell i remember shaq fu, and i am 22), and with meme being pretty rampant (this being a meme about 2 years old now, plenty should be aware of it by now), you do not give your fanbase enough credit. but all in all, this was pretty funny and very witty use of a meme (but i would have to say my favorite version of this meme was with tenacious D and satan)

  • Raian the Fallen