/v/ on Banking [ IMAGE ]

If only there was a way to collect interest on your reservations, this would be a perfect banking solution. I wonder if GameStop accepts bitcoins? And if so, what about dogecoins?


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    The funny thing is, if you break it down, this is a scathing rebuke of the entire idea of preordering. Because you’re giving them your money, just like a bank. How does a bank make money? They use those funds to make loans, or purchase treasury bonds, or whatever-they make a return on it. By giving firms your cash before they actually deliver a product, you are giving them the opportunity to do the same damned thing.

  • LeLu3

    You know what Gamestop rates it’s employees on? Selling memberships and getting and retaining preorders. If you preorder with one employee and then cancel with another, it’s a bad mark on that second employee’s sales figures. Too many cancels, you don’t meet your sales goals. Too many times not meeting your sales goals, you get fired. People like this are screwing over those Gamestop employees who make minimum wage and are probably working a couple of different jobs to make rent and bills.

    • Alexander

      not only that, but “I go to the nearest Gamestop to withdraw my money”? I’m pretty sure company policy states you can ONLY “withdraw my money” at the SAME Gamestop you pre-ordered at (that’s how it works here in Idaho, at least). Another problem with this: trade-ins. You won’t get cash on those unless you trade them in for cash from the beginning (and that reduces the trade value). If you trade them in to “add to your savings”, you’ll get it back as STORE CREDIT when you “withdraw” from your “savings account”. I’m sure there’s at least 10 more things wrong with this that hasn’t been mentioned so far, too. Besides, just because there’s nothing anyone can do about it (and actually there is: the store has the legal right to refuse service to any customer, ESPECIALLY if they have a valid reason for doing so), doesn’t mean it’s perfectly ethical to do so. Then again this is a 4chan user….

      • ThisIsNotDan

        Guys, I’m pretty sure this 4chan user doesn’t ACTUALLY do this. I feel like you’re making a really big deal out of a silly hypothetical.

        • LeLu3

          No, when I worked at Gamestop I absolutely knew people who did this, especially in the sketchier parts of town.

    • Metal C0mmander

      I’m more inclined to think that’s a problem with gamestop not with the guys who doing it. Rating employees on this kind of crap always caused more problem than it gave profit. And while the situation in this post suck for the employees right now, I don’t think it change much if you considers others will revoke their preorders too. Hopefully this will make the guys in charges how much of a bad idea they had.

  • marvin

    I think the biggest problem here is that people still use Gamestop.

  • Anon

    Sorry but if you go overdrawn its your own fault stop spending money you don’t have.