Final Fantasy Issue #VII [ IMAGE ]

Don’t worry Tifa, we all know how this ends… Or do we?

The faux comic cover above is a parody of the cover for Girls’ Love #148 that ran in January of 1969.

Girls' Love #148Girls’ Love #148 by Nick Cardy

Personally, I love parody and/or homage covers. I don’t care how many times I have seen someone parody Action Comics #1. I still love it. There’s actually a series of covers I wanted to do myself. Who knows? Maybe 2014 will finally be the year I create them or at least one of them… Hopefully.


  • MindTricked


  • Armane

    Is he dating his time-traveling grandmother? What a twist!

    • adal

      It’s a shortened version of Nancy.

  • JCAll

    Clouds hair needs to be at least 70% spikier.

  • Triaxx2

    Well… at least it wasn’t Barret?

  • Sixclaws

    Tifa’s breasts are too small.