Final Fantasy Football [ IMAGE ]

This is pretty much the same analogy that my friends and I have been making for years when talking about sports fanatics. Basically they’re just geeks of sports that can kick your ass for calling them geeks.


  • Kaye

    The title seems like a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.
    Anyway, yes, very true regarding the topic of Fantasy Football… Sad… Dragons and wizards are cooler!

  • Jarrett

    There’s a comedian who has a joke like this that’s been around for awhile. “Fantasy Sports are Dungeons & Dragons for guys who used to beat up kids that played D&D.” Wish I remember the next line that really hit it home but I’ll make something up similar to it in style. It was something along the lines of: “Saying if I pick up this running back off waivers it would double my weekly rushing yards and could get me enough wins to get into the playoffs is the same things as saying if I acquire the gauntlets of power off the orc it will double my strength and could make me strong enough to challenge the lich king.”

  • Everglayde

    so does that make me a double geek for playing both?

  • As someone who plays both, I’ll be straight up in saying whoever made that picture has not clue what they’re talking about. Fantasy Football is about statistical micromanagement over a myriad of variables that change week to week. It’s obvious the author/artist hasn’t played a game of Fantasy Football in his/her life.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      Well, that, or they haven’t played a game of Dungeons and Dragons run by a bunch of munchkins.

  • Klas

    So, fantasy football would be WAY nerdier is what you are saying?

  • Halrawk

    I work in a weight room (gym), and recently there was a big LAN game tournament. SO many people that came in were making fun of the “nerds”, normally I’d just say something along the lines of “to each their own”. But this one guy was getting really into bugging the nerd, from a place were obviously none of the gamers could hear him.

    He was a pretty fit guy, came in with his hockey stuff, and was wearing an Oilers jersey. So I asked him, “Would you consider someone a nerd if they follow a game, know all about the characters, their stats, their strengths, their weaknesses. If they play and follow the game, and often walk around dressed as characters from this game.”

    Of course he agrees, that’s a nerd. Then I simply said “What if I told you I was talking about hockey?”

    • I want to know his response to this.

      • Same here.

      • PrinceJonathan

        I must know this as well.

        • PrinceJonathan

          I’m also curious as to why a gym is hosting a LAN tournament. Isn’t the whole point of a gym suppose to be exercise and not sitting your butt down in front of a computer with mountain dew and doritos?

    • Jeff

      And then he punched you?

  • Lanx

    Original source:

    This dude’s awesome and just finished a kickstarter to get a book of these comics published too!

    • Thanks! I looked pretty hard for it, but couldn’t find the source. I updated the post accordingly.

  • Alastor

    I play Fantasy Football (and Baseball) because it gives me a different reason to watch NFL and MLB games.

    The major difference between the two, is one you are a role-player, the other you are a statistician.

  • Frankie D.