Evolution of the Nintendo Controller [ IMAGE ]

Last night I received this tweet:

Followed by this one:

So of course I had to share their latest creation. Anyone who actually does what I suggest should be commended for their endeavor. Now if only Capcom would actually let me design some Mega Man villains, like I suggested.

source: GadgetLove


  • BigLord

    I know these are the “main” controllers, but I’m still sad the classic controllers (and the Pro Controller) aren’t included :(

  • Kal

    The Wiimote is the greatest disappointment. However fantastic for first person shooters as metroid has shown us

  • Xuncu

    Hm, woulda liked it a little more if they kept the A and B buttons morphing into each other– like what they got is the NES B does become the SNES B, but then becomes the 64 A and the Cube A, then Wii 2 then back to B on WiiU, while the A and the other B disappear and reappear a few times. Tho I admit that the wiimote would make this a little tricky.