Downloadable Content in a Nutshell [ IMAGE ]

A humorous image that really puts downloadable content in perspective.

via: Reddit


  • CamronJK

    Y’know, that black and white map is pretty sexy… and I think Amzon has my pre-order for this one!

    • cybergeek

      It’s the outline, innit?

  • cgoodno

    I do believe that there are a good number of companies that greatly mishandle DLC, but there are those who don’t. It’s sad that the sea of poor DLC implementations overshadow those that do it correctly.

    • BigLord

      Agreed. A good DLC, based on this metaphor, would be different colors for the chess table, and for the chess pieces. Maybe even different skins. All for a meager price.

      i.e. The differences should be only aesthetic. Gameplay differences that can be BOUGHT are a no-no

  • Randomgamerdude

    Depends on the content. If it’s some stupid stuff like the Minecraft beta (I.E. terrible graphics for a huge price) then this works. Other times it can be the ultimate weapon pack- huge guns, exclusive characters, the occasional crossover- all cheap then it’s great.

  • Shadow Phoenix

    Gamestop’s preorder content would be the God-Emperor, which replaces the king, has the queen’s movement and can attack anything within a 4-square radius. Play for a month, sell the game back to Gamestop because there’s no challenge.