Don’t Catch ‘Em All! [ IMAGE ]

I was working at FuncoLand when Pokémon Red Version and Blue Version were released and I have been making this exact same joke ever since. I guess I’m just a one trick pony. And one is clearly not enough turned tricks to catch ’em all…


  • finbreaker

    I think you meant HIV. HPV and genital warts are the same thing

    • antimarc

      untrue. genital warts can be a symptom of contracting HPV, but in 90% of cases HPV is undetected. if i am not mistaken, i think it’s only possible to even TEST for HPV amongst females. they are two different things though.

      • thewood

        True, though I do find it strange that HIV ISN’T included.

        • thewood

          ALSO, this is awesome and relevant.

          I gave my sister “herpes” a few years ago.

          • That’s hilarious. We had the Syphilis until my wife got rid of it. True story, bought it at ConnectiCon about four years ago.

          • Xuncu

            I had an Ebola, but I lost it AT the con I was at. XP

  • Xuncu