Contrary to Popular Opinion [ IMAGE ]

I have to bring up a point that I already made about how video games can cause violence. Just not in the same way the media portrays it.

source: WeGame


  • edward.malkin

    Can this be a t-shirt?

  • BigLord

    I love this image so much. It has been my wallpaper since I’ve bought this computer <3
    (I have a wallpaper slideshow)

  • SilentS

    The only controller that I can think of that caused violence to people I know was the NES controller. The difficulty on that system made people throw that poor controller across the room. Half the time with the system in tow cause of the cable.

  • Triaxx2

    Gotta hand it to Nintendo. Anyone else’s controller breaks long before the lethal point. But those Nintendo controllers just keep bludgeoning…

    Awesome image.

  • Garland

    What did you expect dude? Those things are made of Nintendium, the hardest material ever found by mankind (also the same material that is used on old nokias).

  • Jaybonaut

    You’re welcome for that pic, I guess. I’m Energyone from WeGame.