Clash of Pop Cultures [ IMAGE ]

Is it sad, that I’m a little disappointed that this is not actually a thing? This would make an epic movie/video game/comic title. Just saying…

source: deviantART
via: Pixalry


  • too much awesome thats why

  • Sigurther

    As much as I absolutely love and adore Pacific Rim, Godzilla would rip ever Jaeger there is apart in one sitting. He’s just that bad-ass.

  • Also_Ran

    It already is a thing. Not a movie/game/comic but a song; Ultimate Showdown. And someone made a spiffing animation for it too.

    Okay, some people/things aren’t there, but there’s plenty more to compensate.


      We need an update of that, though.
      That thing’s about 6 years old now.