CBS Logo is Pac-Man [ IMAGE ]

So after all these years, we finally discover that the CBS logo is not actually an eye, but Pac-Man about to goggle a power pellet.

CBS Logo is Pac-ManProof is in the animation

Seeing this reminds me a few other logos in disguise. One is that the LG logo is actually Pac-Man…

LG Logo is PacMan“Wakka Wakka… WHAT?!”

And the other is that the Pepsi logo is actually a fat guy.

Pepsi logo is a fat guy“Ugh… Does this logo make me look fat?”

Isn’t corporate branding fun?!

source (original): deviantART
source (animation): Reddit
source (Pepsi Logo): blow at life


  • Reddit

    I like coming here and seeing what was up on Reddit 2 days ago.

    • 大日本帝国万歳

      Lelele Reddit Army!! XDDD

      Everyone knows once it’s on Le Reddit it’s no longer relevant and no one else can post it! LOL But we’re not hipsters! In fact all our content is taken from le 4chin

      #YOLOSWAG 420BLAZEIT LE Upboats for my gay atheist autistic artist wrestling half-sister Carl DePaul “Fedora” Dawkins!!!

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol le Reddit meme face

      • GrifB

        This, this was fantastic.

    • yue

      Because all of us totally read through everything on reddit. Hell, I don’t even go to reddit, to me it’s just a cesspool that’s just as worse as 4chan.

  • SoraHjort

    oh god, why did it have to be Yellow on white?! My eyes burn! They should of at least put it on black.