But I Need to Get to a Save Point! [ IMAGE ]

Really wish I knew who created this so I could give them credit for it.


  • odderz

    It was totally me. *Cough*

    • Anonymous

      No, good sir, it was me!

      • Spartacus?

        No, I’m Spartacus!…No wait..that’s not right.

  • Lamba

    whenever i say that my little bro usually snitches and says “but he can save anywhere in this game”

  • Douglas

    Ok, i’m not ashamed to admit, i’ve done that quite a few times before XD

  • Otto

    I’m not going to lie…I’ve done this same thing with my wife…

    • PorkRoll

      Man, that’s just pathetic. Reason #237 not to get married.

  • My god. I never thought of that. Genius!

  • Taellosse

    As a kid, I totally would have done this. But that was in the dim days before save-anywhere games really existed. Hell, at the age when I was still being told to go to bed, saving at all wasn’t really possible on console games.