Business Zangief [ IMAGE ]

Took this picture at Otakon this weekend. Felt it deserved a little more love and treatment. Thus, I present to you: “Business Zangief is doing business”


  • He should have a more serious look on his face for this picture to be really effective, heh

    • I like it because it looks like you caught him in the middle of talking to a client and that posing for the camera was less important.

  • Zangief

    WOW!!! This pic is awesome, way to stay inventive, however when he took the picture of me I wanted to take off my glasses and give him a pose but he said he wanted one of me on the phone…now i see why. Great job!!!

    • Yeah. I actually got two pictures of you, the first one smiling, but it was a little blurry. This one worked just fine though.