Boys, Girls and Video Games [ IMAGE ]

I wonder if there will ever be a time when this isn’t accurate?

source: Facebook
via: Reddit


  • Everglayde

    You forgot the part where the girl still tells the guy to “get a life loser” while she’s fragging him in said video game :D

  • Phaelin

    I like how the reddit user removed the watermark for the 9gag user.

    • True, but 99.9% of the time 9GAG is never the source either. That’s why I listed it as “via” Reddit. I really wish I knew who original created this so I could give them proper credit.

      • Kasihi
      • Phaelin

        One cannot argue with that logic. 9GAG is home to people going “LOOK WHAT I FOUND HURR” with one or two people that are actually creative.

        Then some boobs.

        • MonocleMan

          This is exactly the problem i have with 9gag… my friends don’t understand it because they don’t understand there is people living from what they make on the internet. For example, the other thay they showed me the “Cartoon College” of Collegehumor and it did NOT had the collegehumor a watermark. WTF! I read both caldwell tanner and collegehumor and got really angry because of this bullshit.

      • BigLord

        It was this guy. Yes, the original source is 9Gag… because he posts his comics in that site.

        • Apparently this is that .1%. I updated the source accordingly…Well, to the Facebook site at least.

  • After my time running a game club in college, I know that doesn’t accurately portray how any of the guys in the club or I would respond to that. Now we just cringe and hope our experience was unique. (So far it’s all 50/50…but I’m scarred nonetheless.)

  • Scarlet Pirate

    That’s what you think it’s like. It’s more like this: . Though I never understand how 50% of gamers are girls and I still don’t know any.

  • Gask

    Considering that real life game girls look like this,
    and not this,
    I am fairly confident that this never happened.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I’m really more of an anime/Dungeons and Dragons type nerd myself.

  • Lain

    The reason most guys think real “gamer” girls are so rare is because that whole “50% of gamers are female” statistic includes casual facebook games and stuff like that.

  • Triaxx2

    I sure hope not. (Original question)