Awkward Silence [ IMAGE ]

Reminds me of this

source: deviantART
via: Reddit


  • twilightfairy

    Silent protagonists anonomus?

  • Zombat

    Who’s the dude on the right in the green sci-fi armor?

    • Triaxx2

      According to the dA comments, the guy on the right in the armor is ‘Doomguy’.

      • Zombat

        I thought it might be.

        Don’t normally think of Doom marine wearing a helmet though (it gets in the way of headbutting imps)

  • Bren

    So Kirby totally speaks. Well he does say “Hi”

  • thewood

    Ness totally speaks, especially in Smash Bros., every B move he does has some speech associated with it. “PK Thunder!”

    • Cody Shiranai

      Because Smash Bros is totally canon? Especially given Ness is from an RPG series… thus EVERYONE ELSE is talking except him.

      Lucas (the sort of main character of Mother 3) talks normally in his game, but neither of his predecessors (Ninten and Ness) do.

  • link

    Hah! Hhugh! Hiyaa! Heigh! Heigh!


  • ThinkingStone

    Awkward silence is awkward.

  • Fox

    Where the heck is Chrono – Master of Silence?