Are You There, God? [ IMAGE ]

Well, Mario has discovered that there’s more than one way to get an extra life.

I know it’s pretty common in RPGs (Dragon Quest series especially), but how important is religion in different video games’ self-encapsulated universes? Games like Populous or Actraiser definitely require a deity of sort. The Legend of Zelda series has a lot of regilious elements in its franchise as well (There’s actually a pretty good article about this over on Zelda Dungeon). But what about other games where it’s not as blatant, but equally as important. I know there’s got to be some good examples of this, but for the life of me I cannot think of any at the present time.

If you can think of any, please mention them in the comments section below.

source: BustedTees


  • Sky Render

    Pretty much anything with Tetsuya Takahashi at the helm will have, at the very least, pretentious religious references galore. See: Xenogears, the Xenosaga series, and even parts of Xenoblade. If you want religion that’s actually more than just out-of-context references or generic “church of evil” (ala Breath of Fire 2), you may have to look a bit harder. Final Fantasy X‘s Church of Yevon stands out as one of the better examples of the latter, if nothing else, since it is at least fairly fleshed out beyond the basic concept of using blind faith to control the masses. Though that part does still exist, but that’s to be expected since it’s the cornerstone of the “church of evil” trope.

  • thewood

    Dead Space you’ve got the crazy Unitologists. Assassin’s Creed 2 block, Ezio always closes the eyes of his victims and says “rest in peace” in Italian. Plus you assassinate a pope, need I say more?

    • SmartyPants

      Actually, “Requiescat In Pace” is latin, not italian. Italian would be “Riposi In Pace”. Very similar, those two, but as the lingua franca of the Roman-Catholic church has always been latin, the makers of AC2 have chosen well to have ezio use the latin phrase there