Angels and Boos [ IMAGE ]

This is why the Boos from Super Mario Bros. and the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who don’t run with the same crowds.



  • Win.

    • Brefin

      Of the epic persuasion.

  • Monocleman

    Just wanted to make you notice that this picture, this picture right here, was originally made by our good friend Caldwell Tanner. Heres the proof.

    • How the hell did I miss that? Nonetheless, I updated it so it points to Caldy’s site now.

  • BigLord

    I wonder what would happen if a Boo was caught by a weeping angel?

    … Because they live forever, right?

  • DarkNightRJ

    I just watched the episode of Doctor Who with the angels the other day. Crazy.

  • The Weeping Angels were vicious, their own defense was their weakness as well o.o

  • MarkSWH

    Too much awesomeness in a single picture…

  • i don’t get it…
    i’ll go die in a fire

  • JHYW

    Buuuuuuttt… Once Boo covers his eyes, he can longer see the Angel, who will then be free. Have I got that wrong?

    • MarkSWH

      Don’t Boos cover their eyes when they have something in front of them? Or only when you can see them? Because if I remember correctly, they stopped moving even if there was a brick between you and them, as long as you faced in their direction…